February Webinars

What’s new in ARM 2023

We demonstrate what changes have been made to ARM since the beginning of last season. This covers ARM
release versions 2022.0 through 2022.7.

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Master the Treatments Editor – Thu. Feb 16 at 9 am CST

We present shortcuts and tricks to save time filling out the treatments list in ARM studies. Topics include:
keyboard shortcuts, validation list searching, sharing product lists, and study rules for treatments.

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Applications and Spray Sheets – Thu. Feb 23 at 9 am CST

Tips for documenting treatment applications, and common troubleshooting steps for creating a “spray sheet”
Spray/Seeding Plan report.

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Labels and Barcodes in ARM – Thu. Mar 2 at 9 am CST

Learn how to generate labels with ARM software. ARM has built-in labels for container, plot, seed packet and
harvest labels, which can contain barcodes and subsamples. We also demonstrate how to create your own
custom labels!

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Protocol Best Practices: Inform & Instruct with confidence – Thu. Mar 9 at 9 am CST

We discuss practical tips for improving protocols. Features demonstrated include: the Review Protocol Entries
wizard, validation tips & tricks, top 5 study rules to use, and a sneak peek at changes coming to the New
Protocol process!

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