ARM Software Webinars April 2024

Join us for live training sessions on a variety topics, whether you are new to ARM or have used the software for years!

Power up your trial work with ARM webinars!. This series focuses on trial tasks and data collection.
Check out this flyer for full description of these sessions.

(Brussel – CEST)
ARM Mobile: Getting Ready for the SeasonThu. Apr 4 at 16.00 CESTReplay
Trial Map RandomizationThu. Apr 11 at 16.00 CESTReplay
Applications and Spray SheetsThu. Apr 18 at 16.00 CESTReplay
Schedule Tasks & Calendar Appointments in ARMThu. Apr 25 at 16.00 CESTReplay
Collect Data with TDCxThu. May 2 at 16.00 CESTReplay