ARM 2024.1 Release Notes

Protocol Signatures

Add your signature to a protocol to finalize or “sign off” on the protocol. 

This follows the same process as Trial Signatures.

Mark a protocol as Reviewed

  • Track whether a protocol has been reviewed
  • Identifies who marked as reviewed
  • Protocol Settings > General tab > Reviewed Protocol
  • ‘Trial Reviewed’ action automatically logged in Notes tab
  • Checkbox is cleared when any change made to data in the trial

Copy Assessment Headers

Shortcut buttons copy and paste the entire header description.

  • Copy appears only in columns with header information to copy
  • Paste appears only in completely empty columns

Tip: Re-use what you have copied across trials by saving to an SE file.

Copy Coordinates to LL Corner

Right-click on coordinates in Assessment editor to Copy Coordinates to LL Corner of Trial.