ARM 2020 Release Notes Version 2020.5

Connect Electronic Data Collector

  • Data collection connections are now accessed through new wizard.
  • Excel Rating Shell and Mirus connections moved to this icon/command.

Updates for Study Rules

A few updates were made for study rules in ARM 2020.5:

  • New Study Rule to lock certain Settings options to prevent edits.
  • Treatment Units
  • Study Design
  • Number of Replicates
  • Non-randomized Replicate
  • Treatment Adjacency
  • Load rule sets related to GLP or GEP from Settings dialog.
    • Tip: add rules to this list by saving with a name starting “GLP_” or “GEP_”.
  • Lock icon for Treatments editor
    • Grey lock when just current field is locked
    • Gold lock when entire line/column is locked

  • Rules that hide fields now display on Study Rules editor. The information the rules hide remain hidden (of course!).

Additional Changes

  • Graphing
    • Updated graph control to use new graphing utility. Same functionality, more modern technology
  • Standard Evaluations (SEs)
    • Select multiple SE files from the SE Name validation list (on Assessment Data and SE Definitions)
  • Weather connection
    • Iteris weather import has been renamed to DTN LLC. Same functionality, new name!
  • Validation
    • Minimum, Maximum, and Average values are now validated.
      • Min is not larger than Max.
      • Avg is between Min and Max.

Change log