April Webinars

In this series of ARM webinars, we cover different aspects of trial setup and data entry. A mix of new and popular webinar topics!

Setting the Trial Plot Layout

Learn how to set the plot layout for ARM trials. We discuss tools for matching an already-chosen layout, as
well as ways to use ARM to randomize your trials.

On-boarding a New ARM User

Best practices for setting up a new user with ARM. We discuss licensing, training, and initializing options and
lists within ARM.

Data Collection Methods

We compare and contrast the various methods for collecting assessment data: Copying from Excel, Excel
Rating Shell, ARM Mobile, and Tablet Data Collector.

Collecting Data with ARM Mobile

Modernize your data collection workflow with ARM Mobile! We introduce our mobile app, and then provide
a demonstration of the system.

Attaching Plot Images to ARM Trials

See how easy it is to attach plot images to a trial, renaming the image files in the process. A huge time-saver
that is always a popular topic at trainings!

Master the Assessment Editor

We present shortcuts and tools to maximize your use of the Assessment editor in ARM. Topics include:
keyboard shortcuts for data entry, changing the order of columns, and other view options.