November Webinars

We focus on summarization topics in November, in our new 30-minute format,
including add-ins like ATD and also ARM Mobile

(London – GMT)
Graphing with ARM
We demonstrate the graphing functionality and options within ARM
Tue. Nov 715.00Replay
Generating ARM Reports
We cover general reporting topics, including available reports, report sets, print preview,
and print options.
Tue. Nov 1415.00Replay
ARM Mobile Introduction
Modernize your data collection process with ARM Mobile! We provide an overview of the app and how it
connects with ARM software, and also introduce our new tutorial series on ARM Mobile.
Tue. Nov 2115.00Replay
Introduction to ARM Trial Database (ATD)
Learn how an ATD trial database can unlock possibilities for your organization to utilize
and summarize research data.
Tue. Nov 2815.00Replay
ARM Q&A (formerly Office Hours)
Matt Elsinger will be online to answer as many of your ARM-related questions as we can fit into a
half-hour. Come with questions, and leave with answers!
Tue. Dec 515.00