ARM 2022.2 Release Notes (17 April 2022)

Trial Signature updates

  • Trials can be signed at any trial status (previously only available when Trial Status=Final)
  • Signing a trial with status=Final (or later) starts an Audit Trial
    • All further changes to trial are logged and you are prompted to provide reason for change:

    • This Audit trail is included on Signature report page when applicable.
  • New study rule to require a signature at a particular Trial Status.
    • Field = what status triggers the rule (Final, Reviewed, or Archived)
    • Condition = who needs to sign the trial

Application Not Applied

Identify when an application is not applied, without removing the application code from the trial.

  • This application not included in product calculations. Displays with a strikethrough on editors and reports.
  • Enter a deviation to explain the circumstances.
  • Allows application date to be blank without failing validation (if marked as NA)

Assessment Image Preview

Updated dialog for previewing and zooming assessment images

  • Improves performance for high-resolution photos
  • Better workflow for using image to reivew or take ratings