ARM 2021.1 release

Version 2021.1

May 31, 2021

Drop-down lists in Site Description

Replaced short, limited validation lists with simpler drop-down lists in Protocol and Site Description. Speeds up data entry especially for (number) + (unit) pairs!

Rating Unit Minimum and Maximum

Define valid range of values for data with Rating Unit Min/Max. (Some are auto-filled for units that have pre-defined data limits.)

We also removed ARM Action Codes that were used to define data limits.Now these limits are always explicitly stated in the column and are set in only one place!

New feature highlights in ARM

New features and fields are highlighted in ARM for a limited time after release.

  • New entry fields: 30 days
    New features: first 10 times displayed on-screen
  • To turn off highlight for all current new features:
    Tools > Options > Display > (Screen element=New Features) > Accept New Features