ARM Software Goes Mobile

ARM Mobile

ARM Mobile, a new app for iOS and Android devices. ARM Mobile allows users to take notes in the field
without an internet connection.
“The industry asked and we delivered. ARM Mobile is a way for the novice and
professional researcher to take notes right from their phone. The professional ‘Tablet Data Collector’ (TDCx) will continue to provide value to the industry and is not going away.
However, the high-powered smartphone has become the relied upon method for daily tasks and we know our clients use ARM, every day.”
Kyle Kepner, President/CEO of GDM Solutions, Inc.

ARM Mobile facilitates the core principles for quality research:

  • 1.On-site data entry
  • 2.Record assessments consistently across dates and locations using protocol-specific instructions
  • 3.Review data on-site prior to leaving – only quality/correct data points count in research
  • 4.Data transfer occurs in a professional manner – not transcribed from paper to computer, not copied and pasted from file to file

Products and Pricing

The ARM Mobile app is free. You will need a connection and data plan to export and import data from ARM.

  • Step 1. Add a Connection
    Make sure your ARM license has an Electronic Data Collector (EDC) connection add-on. EDC allows the transfer of information between ARM and a mobile device. ARM licenses with TDCx already have a connection! Options for adding EDC (TDCx included) to your license:
ProductPriceYearly maintenance
ARM Field License Bundle999 € 419 €
ARM Full License Bundle1899 €572 €
Add connection to an ARM full license275 € + 133 €

Step 2 : Add a Data Plan
Data overages during the first year will not be charged, but you will need to upgrade your plan for the following year. Unused data points are not carried over to the next year.

Data PlanData AmountPrice
Standard Under 50 000 data points 250 €
EnhancedAdditional 50 000 data points + 250 €

*Data Plan is charged per company invoice. All eligible licenses can use the same data plan in the company.